Ocean Beach Fire Island Police Brutality
Ocean Beach Police Attack New York Businessman


     On August 28, 2005, a NYC businessman was brutally and viciously attacked by members of the Ocean Beach police department. 

 Samuel Gilberd was on vacation in Ocean Bay Park on Fire Island and in the early morning hours of August 28, 2005 he was brought to the Ocean Beach police station to receive a summons for littering.  As he was leaving the police station, Mr. Gilberd closed the station house door in a way that apparently annoyed the police officers. 

 According to his attorneys, one of the police officers pursued Mr. Gilberd outside and told him something like "now you've really made the sergeant mad" and, together with other police officers violently, brutally and viciously attacked him. 

 Mr. Gilberd was dragged back into the station house by officers, then beaten and kicked for 15 minutes until he was unconscious and bleeding from numerous lacerations about the head and neck on the station house floor. 

 Mr. Gilberd's wife found him in this state when she arrived at the station house just minutes later. 

 The unprovoked attack by police officers was witnessed by others, including an independent witness, who together with Mr. Gilberd's wife frantically insisted that he be brought to a hospital. 

 After a lengthy delay because officers would not allow Gilberd on the waiting Medivac helicopter, police officers finally transported Mr. Gilberd to Southside Hospital via police boat. 

Not only were his wife and friends not allowed to board the boat with Gilberd; officers refused to say to where Gilberd was being taken -  the police boat took off into the dark night with Gilberd strapped down, screaming for help.

Gilberd's wife and friends had to wait for the next public ferry to take them from Fire Island to Bayshore where they frantically raced to the first hospital they could find, to see if Gilberd was indeed there.

They found Gilberd in Southside Hospital on a gurney, semi-conscious, with bags hanging from his side to collect the blood coming from his abdomen.  The admitting nurses at the hospital had been told that Gilberd was found on the beach in this condition.  They then informed her that his bladder was ruptured and that he was in grave danger if not operated upon right away.  However, there was no doctor on premises who had experience with this type of injury.



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